Do you want to be taken seriously & have people listen to what you have to say?

 Do feel like your voice isn't heard fully & ready to raise your level of influence?

Do you want to be seen as highly credible and trustworthy?

Welcome to...

The Presentation & Presence Incubator:
Liberate Your Voice and Build Connection and Trust

By Application Only

The world has changed!
Your office is now a home studio.

Do you know how to build connection and trust in a virtual world so you can get your ideas heard, grow your business and close more sales? 

If not, NOW is the time to learn how to
get seen and heard in this noisy world so you can raise your influence!


What if small, simple tweaks to how you presented yourself had people leaning in to hear what you have to say? 

How many more clients would you have?
How many of your ideas will become a reality?
How much more respect will you command? 

This could be a game-changer to your business and how you feel about yourself!

In this High Impact, Interactive Incubator,
You Will Gain:

  • Speaking voice, body language, presence and energy skills to read as credible and be heard.
  • Storytelling and messaging tactics to be memorable and make a lasting, emotional connection.
  • On camera training to create captivating videos, elicit responses and be seen as the expert you are.
  • Trust building and presentation skills to optimize sales.
  • Virtual and in person meeting strategies to be taken seriously get your ideas heard and influence change.

 "Cindy, you understand the process behind speaking and how to make money at it. It’s about sales conversions as well as speaking training. With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now."

Doug Brown
Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins

 "Wow…what a difference after just one session with Cindy! I was not aware of the subtle things I had been doing that rendered my presentations less effective. She has a magical way of getting you incorporate new skills in record time." 

Dr.Tihesha Wilson MD
Breast Surgeon

 "I knew the sales process inside and out but was only getting average results. After only 5 sessions with Cindy Ashton, my close rate doubled. The missing piece was how to present myself in a way that forms a deeper connection with my prospects so they feel compelled to buy."

Paul Fernandez
Interior Designer

 "Cindy has taken me from a nervous, presenter, uncomfortable in front of a camera, to a confident  business woman who can develop a message and present it on video. I always felt she had my back and kept my best interests to the forefront." 

Deidre Slowey
Real Estate Broker

The Presentation & Presence Incubator is Delivered in 3 Ways.
Pricing depends on deliverables.

 Virtual One on One

Virtual Weekly Group Classes

 In person Intensive

Please do NOT apply if you:

  • Would rather come across as overly polished and slick than being your authentic self
  • Want canned scripts, tools and gestures that read as fake and disconnect you from your power
  • Like quick fixes and buying into hype (such as paying to be pictured with a celebrity)
  • Don't have a message or business that positively contributes to others
  • Are looking for the cheapest solution
Are looking for the cheapest solution

Please DO apply if you:

  • Crave to authentically connect with prospects, colleagues and bigger influencers to grow your business
  • Are ready to own your unique voice, bring out your best self and be seen as a powerful force on this earth
  • Value working with a trainer and strategist with a proven track record of results and has achieved the success you are seeking
  • Want to stand out from the noise and make an impact with your work
  • Are ready to be taken seriously, seen as credible and show your value
Are looking for the cheapest solution

By Application Only

Cindy Ashton is a presentation trainer, keynote speaker, singer/actor, award-winning TV host of Cindy Uncorked, and author of Liberate Your Voice: How to Trust Your Power in a World that Shuts You Down.

Drawing from her extensive background working with Broadway Professionals, Emmy Winners, and Hollywood Celebrities, she is a master at showing her clients how to increase their sales, connection, and influence through the power of rapport building and storytelling. She won a Telly award, alongside CBS News and CBS Interactive for her 2018 Cindy Uncorked Episode on Body Shaming.

Cindy has received awards from President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II for her lifetime of volunteerism. Her expertise in presentation skills, speaking voice, body language, messaging, content delivery, and leadership presence has been featured in multiple media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Inc. Magazine, Forbes and countless others.