Your Office is Now a Studio.

Do You Know How to Build the Connection & Trust Needed to Get Your Voice Heard, Be Influential & Increase Sales?

No-Cost Video Series:

5 Presentation & Presence Tactics to Build Connection and Trust in a Virtual World 

Cindy Ashton

Presentation, Presence & Sales Strategist.
Award-Winning TV Host
Her Clients Increase their Visibility, Influence & Sales by 4X.

The world has changed!

Now that we are virtual, it is harder than ever to build the connection and trust needed to grow your business.

Do you know how to leverage the power of your speaking voice, body language and story to draw people in with a screen between you? 

If not, NOW is the time to learn how to
get seen and heard in this noisy world of zoom & video!


What if a simple tweak to how you presented yourself virtually landed you just one more client or customer?
What about 5, 10, even 20 new ones...
on a consistent basis?

This could be a game-changer to your business!

In this High Impact, 5-Part Video Series,
You Will Learn:

  • How to use your speaking voice to get heard in virtual meetings
  • 2 keys to get people to buy into what you have to say
  • A body language and presence exercise make you read as trustworthy
  • To create authority in your industry through media attention
  • How to be memorable, be heard and be understood with storytelling